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Kanvas For Messenger

Kanvas for Messenger may sound new to some persons but I want to let you know that this app has been around for couple of years. Kanvas Messenger helps you to add a different touch to your Facebook chat or conversation.

So you can see that Kanvass messengers is a facebook third-party client app. Kanvass messenger is entirely different from Facebook and there is no link between the two as to ownership. While Facebook is owned by Mark and his parent company, Kanvas messenger was developed by the Kanvas Labs.

However, in terms of functionality, Kanvas works pretty well with Facebook without any crash, stoppage, hanging or undue interruption and other hassles. With the Kanvas for facebook messenger, you can add GIFS and pictures with custom elects to your Facebook conversation.

There are a lot of beautiful features which Kanvass Facebook Messenger app gives you. Kanvas for Facebook Messenger enables all its users who have a Facebook account to create their own composition by choosing from pictures saved in their gallery.

You can as well use Kanvass Messenger to add text, freehand drawings, stickers, images and a lot of other media contents to your Facebook messenger.

Kanvas messenger also enables without stress to place an item or image in any place you want and also adjust the size or enlarge it to your test.

So if you want to experience a beautiful chat experience on Facebook, you need to use Kanvas to spice up your chat. Looking at the success of facebook you will all agree with me that it has been fruitful and bountiful for the developers especially on the numbers of people using the Facebook platform.

There are over one billion persons using facebook and facebook messenger but more world still needs to be done to messenger app. That’s is why Kanvas for messenger came into being. Surely with Kanvass messenger app, you can have a good time chatting with friends and your loved ones using GIFS and other wonderful stickers.

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Author: Tech24insider