Download yahoo messenger – fastest, easiest way to chat and share lots of photos, videos

Download yahoo messenger

Download Yahoo Messenger  – When it comes to tech, Yahoo is one platform you cannot rule out. Yahoo has established its self as one of the biggest tech firms in the world which provides diverse services.

From Yahoo mail to Yahoo search engine through to yahoo news and more, Yahoo has distinguished itself in all round. Just like other similar platforms, Yahoo has a messaging platform known as yahoo messenger. This messenger platform from yahoo works pretty well in many smartphone and operating system.

It is developed as an IM App by its parent company ‘yahoo’ and it helps its users to send text messages to friends and loved ones with stress. It is cool to download yahoo messenger because it helps you beyond sending mere text messages to people you value in life. With yahoo instant messaging app installed your phone you can send voice messages to all your Yahoo contacts.

The usage of Yahoo is marvelous, there are over 600 million Yahoo accounts and more others are being created on daily basis. So yahoo users can explore the advantage given by yahoo instant messaging app to send text and voice chat to their friends, loved ones, and other yahoo contacts.

Beyond sending mere text and voice messages, Yahoo instant messaging app helps all its users to send pictures, documents, photos, images and more. Yahoo users who install their messenger can make video call with stress. This messenger app is very light and multi-task but it has witnessed several backlashes for its demand of additional plugin before you can send some media files.

So if you already have a yahoo account, you can go ahead to install the yahoo instant messenger app from play store and itunes. But if you have not signed up yahoo account then you need to sign up for yahoo account using the Yahoo messenger app.

Note that yahoo instant messenger app is a bit old fashioned thereby making it pretty hard to use especially if you are not tech savvy. However, there are plenty good sides of yahoo instant messenger and you can take advantage of it by installing the app today.

– Download and install yahoo instant messenger for Android
– Download and install yahoo instant messenger for iOS

Author: Tech24insider