Datally APK – Google Datally For Windows, VPN, iPhone, Android, iPad, Pc

Datally APK

Datally APK – Google Datally For Windows, VPN, iPhone, Andriod, iPad, Pc – If you want to become more economical in your Data spending and usage then you need to download the Datally App.

Datally helps you a great deal to control, manage, use and get recommendations on how to use your internet data effectively. So if you are looking to do proper diligence in the area of your data usage then you have to consider the Datally application.

On the issue of saving data, Google started that Datally will help its user to control, manage and save up to 30 percent of his/her data. Datally is already tested in the Philippines and it has proven to be a great internet data saver application.

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In my opinion, I will state that Datally is the best internet app that helps you to get recommendation of how to save your browsing data and wifi thereby putting more cash back in your pocket.

It is crazy easy to use Datally and it works pretty well on Android-powered phones and tablets. The few steps required to get the Datally App is through its download and installation.

But looking at the app functionality it may be difficult to have it running on devices that are not Android powered. Datally works well on Android version 5.0 and more but older versions of Android such as kikat does not support Datally.

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On windows and pc, Datally does not really work on it and we are not sure whether it has been added to iTunes/Apple Store as of the time of writing this article but we believe soonest Datally will get on iPhones and iPad.

Let’s talk about the features of Datally!!!

– Datally saves up to 30 percent data for anyone using its app.
– Datally gives you the total control over how, when, where and what you spend your internet data on.
– Through data metrics, you can track and trace back the history of your data, how it is spent and what you used it on.
– You can as well get personalized recommendation on how to effectively use and manage your data.
– Datally goes far to show you high-quality wifi available at your location so that you can connect to it.
– Datally sets up a local Virtual Private Network (VPN) and this will help save more data for you by blocking unwanted data usage.
– Datally helps you to understand how your data is used.

Datally APK Download

After running the testing stage in Philippines, the Google’s Datally App has left beta stage and became a full fledge data saving app used worldwide. While their official app can be downloaded and installed directly from Android App Store which is also known as Play Store, you can go through Android Emulator Software to download and install the Datally App on your Pc and Mac.

You can as well download Datally through APK. The good news is that there is a valid, safe and reliable Datally Apk link address which you can use to get the app without hassles.

With this APK link address, you are certain that you will not download any junk or virus. Here is the Datally Download APK Link  If you want to download Datally from Google play store then you have to use this link address.


This post sums everything you need to know about the Datally app and its Apk. While there are few steps to download and install Datally directly from Google play store, you can as well use the Datally Apk to get the App running on your phones, tablets, pc and mac.

It is not a difficult process to use Datally and if you have any problem or question then you need to visit play store and read the reviews and comments.

You can ask your questions there or in our comment box section. We hope this article about Datally makes sense to you. Please let’s hear from you!!!

Author: Tech24insider