eBuddy.com – eBuddy Messenger | eBuddy Web XMS | eBuddy App Download

eBuddy.com - eBuddy Messenger | eBuddy Web XMS | eBuddy App Download

eBuddy.com – eBuddy Messenger | eBuddy Web XMS | eBuddy App Download – eBuddy is not well known in developing world where Whatsapp, Wechat, Telegram and other instant messaging app rules.

But in the developed world such as Europe, Australia, United States, and other developed parts of the world, eBuddy has become a force to be reckoned when especially in the area of instant messaging.

eBuddy is an instant messaging app that works pretty different from the rest. eBuddy comes in different version. It works perfectly well on Andriod, Mac, Windows and other operating systems.

Formally eBuddy.com was known and called Meebo but over the years due to rebranding and add-on on its platform, it was renamed eBuudy.

The main function of eBuddy.com is that it allows its users to communicate and also receive responses from others using different instant messaging platform or social networking apps.

This means that with the eBuddy platform you chat within the same interface with someone using Facebook, Yahoo!, MySpace, Gtalk, ICQ and AIM (AOL).

The idea of using eBuddy is a wonderful one, you can now chat with friends or communicate with your loved ones who are using different apps and chat platform directly from eBuddy app.

Apart from the basic communication features of eBuddy messenger , it also makes chat fun and engaging by giving you the opportunity to create a personal group on eBuddy and add like-minded persons to it, you can as well spice up your chat with smileys and avatars.

General overview of eBuddy

eBuddy is a privately-held company that has its headquarters in Amsterdam. When you install the eBuddy which happens to work perfectly well on different phones, computer, mac and tablets you will have the opportunity to chat with friends, associates, loved ones, clients and others using Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AOL accounts directly from one screen and interface.

Without switching account, apps and screen, eBuddy enables all persons to chat with others using different social networking platform. So you really don’t need to use the particular social networking account, app or chat platform with the person you are chatting with. To make eBuddy accessible to everyone, it has both mobile app and web version.

It is estimated that over 19 billion messages are sent via eBuddy.com website or eBuddy messenger app every month and all these messages come from different platforms, apps and account. In 2011, eBuddy introduced a unique way of communicating and that is through eBuddy Web XMS.

eBuddy Web XMS is a free instant messaging platform that works well on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone 7 devices. Another upside of eBuddy app that is worth mentioning is the cost. eBuddy is totally free, you don’t need to pay any dime to chat in one aggregated interface with others using different platforms.

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