Google Datally for PC, Windows, iOS | Google’s Datally in Other Devices Apart From Android

Google Datally for PC

Google Datally for PC, Windows, iOS | Google’s Datally in Other Devices Apart From Android

Despite the wonderful features, services and ease of use of Google Datally App, its wide usage is still limited by the monopoly of Google’s policy. Datally is only officially available in Android App Store popularly known as Google Play Store. Datally was launched around December 2017 and it has drawn a lot of internet users but only a few are able to get this app because it is limited to Android phones/tablets users.

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However, there are still some tip, tricks and magic to get the Datally App working on your Pc, Windows Phones and Tablets, iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. Datally opens a lot of opportunity to internet users so we think that it is should be available to all notwithstanding the type of device and operating system you are using. So our focus in this post will be on the step by step guidelines to get the Google Datally App working on your devices if it is not Android powered.

Google Datally for PC and Windows

There is no Google Datally for Pc and Windows devices, so none can be found in Windows Store. As Windows and Pc users cannot download their favorite app from Play Store because it does not support the app store then you have to go an extra mile to get Datally working on your PC and Windows devices. So if you have a desktop, laptop or other mini computers that are recently produced then you need to download Datally through Emulator Software.

Emulator Software will help you download Android Apps onto your PC which ordinarily will not be possible. One of such Emulator Software is Bluestack. With Bluestack you can download and install hundreds of thousands of Android apps on your PC. So if you don’t have the Bluestack Software then you need to download and install it on your PC, Desktop or Laptop. After you have the Bluestack Android Emulator on your computer then launch it and type in ‘Google Datally App’ on the search menu and it will run an immediate search and bring out the Datally App for you.

Click on it to download and install Datally and you will start controlling, managing, saving and getting accurate recommendations on how to use your internet data. But if you have Windows Phone and Tablet and you want to get Datally working on it then you need to download the Datally APK. Datally APK is the sure way of using Datally on your Windows Tablets and Phone. To get started, you need to visit the security settings on your Windows device, locate the enable download from unknown sources and click on it and you will be able to download Datally on your windows phones and tablets.

Datally iOS – iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPhone and iPad then you have to search for Datally App in iTunes/Apple Store. If you did not see it then go to the home screen of your device, scroll down until you are on the ‘security menu’, click it open and locate the download option sub-menu. Enable download from unknown source and commence your Datally installation. But if you are using iPhone 8 or other new versions of iPhone and iPad, you may see the Datally app on your device.

Google Datally for Mac

Just like you did in the Google Datally For PC, as a Mac user you have to use Emulator Software such as Bluestack to download and install the Datally App on your Mac device. Just connect your Mac to the internet and search for Bluestack using any of your favorite browsers. Click on it and run the download and installation when you see it. Launch the Bluestack and enter ‘Datally’ on the search bar and within seconds it will show up. Click on it to download the Datally app and thereafter run the installation.

Datally Free Download For Android

It is pretty cheap and easy to download the Datally app on your Android phones and tablets. Datally is from Google and it is officially in Google Play Store. So all you have to do is to connect either your Android-powered smartphone or tablet to the internet and then click open the Play Store. Search for the Datally App and download it immediately. After that, run the installation.

Author: Tech24insider