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Gone are the days when people spend hundreds of dollars on monthly music downloads and streaming bills. Today, you have Loudtronix.com, a free music download site with embedded youtube converter which you can use to convert music videos to mp3 files.

Loudtronix is a tailored solution that can help you download all songs from all artists free of charge. Loudtronix has no official app for android, windows and apple store but its website www.loudtronix.com is compatible with all phones, tablets and windows computers and macs.

Loudtronix is official in english but if you are from non english speaking country and you want to download from this website then you need to use google translate or other language website translator to change the language of the website to French, English, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Indonesian and French.


When Loudtronix is compared to other website or music downloads portals you will discover that there are many uppersides it has that makes it better and more powerful than other sites. They are many good sides of Loudtronix especially when it comes to music downloads and mp3 conversion.

Features of Loudtronix

Loudtronix is undeniably a perfect music platform that makes free music in public domain available for download. Truly the Loudtronix music site has redefined the way we play music, download music and convert songs videos to mp3 using youtube.

The moment you visit their website, you can download all your favorite songs, videos and others from different artist online. Loudtronix is carefully created to cater for the needs of music lovers, this means that you can download songs from Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Cadi B, Drake, Chris Brown, Fifth Harmony, Larry Tronex, Big Shan and a lot of others.

Loudtronix music site also has a smart interface which makes the site easy to use and attractive. Downloading songs or videos from the Loudtronix is very simple and it requires nothing from you apart from a smartphone, tablet or a windows computer and mac.

You can
share songs or videos from the Loudtronix.com website on different social media platforms so that your friends will partake in the fun.

It seems the best of it all is that the Loudtronix allows all music freaks to use its website and download all their favorite music free of charge.

Loudtronix Pricing / Hidden Fees

Loudtronix offers a lot of amazing music services than other rival music sites and apps do but still, they remain free. The moderators of Loudtronix have stated that the Loudtronix website is a free music portal and they will always remain free.

Loudtronix is one hundred percent free and it is open for all persons to use. Loudtronix does not have any hidden or access fees.

The User Benefits Of Loudtronix

Most music lovers admire Loudtronix.com because of the limitless opportunity if offers them. Unlike any music downloads site, Loudtronix doesn’t limit you to the numbers of songs to download from its music site.

All music lovers can download their favorite songs free of charge from the Loudtronix site. You have the opportunity to convert any song video to mp3 file or vice versa.

The creators of the Loudtronix made sure that all the music needs of music lovers are articulated into the Loudtronix music site. Loudtronix has a very powerful search tool that enables you to download any song you want.

You can search for a particular song on Loudtronix portal using the artist name, its album name, or the name of the artist. The huge portal of Loudtronix which has millions of songs from the public domain, you can download all and any song you want to without hassles.

Drawbacks / Complaints of Loudtronix

– Some music are missing on Loudtronix.
– There are some copyright and plagiarism issues with Loudtronix.com.
– You cannot stream music online from Loudtronix.
– You must be connected to the internet to be able to download your choice song from Loudtronix.
– There is no official Loudtronix App on Androids Google play store and Apple store.

Author: Tech24insider