How to get Canadian Visa – Canadian Visa Application

How to get Canadian Visa - Canadian Visa Application

How to get Canadian Visa – Canadian Visa Application – Every year millions of people from different countries of the world who are not Canadian citizens migrate to Toronto and other parts of Canada.

Some of these migrants which to live on temporal basis while others stay permanently within different states in Canada. However if you want to become a Canadian citizen, there must certain guidelines and procedures you must follow.

Canadian visa enables non-Canadian citizens to migrate and live permanently or temporarily within the Canadian States. So if you want to visit Canada for pleasure, education, residency, business, job then you need to follow the step by step guidelines given in this article to apply.

Note that there are some countries where Canadian visa has been limited or suspended due to political, hostilities and economic differences between Canada and the country. So if you fall in within these countries it may be pretty difficult for you to get Visa to Canada.

How  to get Canadian Visa / How to apply for Canada Visa

The pathway to apply for Canada visa involves no stress and if done through the right process then you won’t have a problem with transparency.

There is a great interest from different people all over the world to come to America for different reasons. Often it is recommended that you visit the Canadian embassy closest to you to commence your Visa application. The process of applying for Canada visa is almost the same around the world, and you can do that through an online platform.

How to get Canadian Visa – See Visa Requirements

– A valid travel passport of your country
– An Application Form – The Canadian visa form has to be filled online
– One passport sized color photograph taken on white background. Note that it must not be more than 6 months old and the size is (45mmx35mm wide)
– You must also show Visa Fee
– Evidence of permission to be in Canada (visa, green card, residence permit)
– Photocopy of passport data page
– Letter of Invitation
– Financial proof, original bank statement ( it must not be more than 6 months)
– Birth certificate for children traveling with parents if you are married and you have kids.
– You should also attach your traveling on an official business should attach a letter of invitation/confirmation of training/conference, with full details of the Company’s Authorized representative; physical address and phone numbers.
– Also, do attach supporting letter from sponsor/friend
– Add your utility bills
– Attach your details of hotel/flight bookings
– Add your marriage certificate if you are married

  Canadian Visa Application – Steps to Apply

i. Visit any Canadian embassy close to you or log on this website
ii. Run your inquiries from the Canadian embassy close to you. But if you are using their website just select the kind of Visa you want to apply for by clicking on the link given for it
iii. The requirements given above should guide you through on things you need to possess before you commence your Canadian visa registration
iv. Fill in the forms given for your Visa registration and go to the nearest Canadian embassy to complete Canadian visa application.

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